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Dear ACI family, Dear Sisters,  Today we remember the death -birth to eternal life- of Saint 
Raphaela Mary. 
May her life be an inspiration for us, her heirs. May her example
 us to be humble, helpful, "repairers" ... 
 and may we always 
have Jesus as the center of our lives.
A hug,

January 6, 1925
Mother Mary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Rafaela Porras y Ayllon, died in sanctity in Rome.
On the morning of 6th January 1925, the infirmarian found her much worse. … T
he Superior recounts: “On the morning of 6th I went to her about nine-thirty. She did not speak,
she only repeated over and over the name of Jesus. She gave the impression that she did not 
recognize anybody”. …
Some years earlier she had written: “We have only to run towards heaven, and with a firm step, 
because we are now getting near. And what a joy it will be when we arrive there, and Our Lord says 
to us: ´Because you have been faithful in little things, I will place you over much; enter into the joy of 
your Lord´, and forever”. …
She died about six o´clock in the evening, making just a slight movement. …
In the Church, the priest was raising the monstrance in all directions, calling down God´s blessing on 
the whole world, on all people redeemed by Christ.…
A humble, great woman had died in the odor of sanctity; she had made love the purpose of her life,
union the aim of her greatest endeavors, and her strength was constancy. She died humiliated, but 
admired in secret. Seemingly she was not surrounded by affection, but she was very much loved in 
the hidden depths of many hearts; because it was impossible to know her without loving her.
From “Foundations for a building”. 
Sr. Inmaculada Yañez a.c.i.


Dearest ACI Family and Sisters:

With great enthusiasm we communicate with you, for the first time, after having been summoned by Sister Inmaculada to become part of the International Commission of the ACI Family. 
We have accepted this assignment with joy and with great desire to work to further encourage the life of this Family we have formed as sons and heirs of Saint Raphaela Mary. 
Our Family has advanced these years. We have an identity, a day of remembrance, a common history, shared work, two International Assemblies lived and transmitted ... and more. In this path, there has been a lot of help of the Handmaids, the first International Commission, and members of the ACI family everywhere ... Our gratitude for everyone. 

We look to the future: there are desires, dreams, Family projects ... It is up to us as a Commission to encourage and to make them reality, according to what the Lord asks us. We are sure that we, since now, can count on each of you. 

We are taking virtual contact between us to plan and carry out the work of the Commission. We will contact you to let you know how we are working. We ask you to pray for us and the ACI Family, for us to be always faithful to the Will of the Lord ... and to be good instruments to make it happen. 

We want to have a "universal heart," available for everything, for all, always. 


7 de setiembre de 2014

Muy queridas Familia ACI y Hermanas Esclavas:

Con mucha ilusión nos comunicamos con ustedes, por primera vez, luego de haber sido convocados por la Hermana Inmaculada para formar parte de la Comisión Internacional de la Familia ACI. 
Hemos aceptado este encargo con alegría y también con gran deseo de trabajar para seguir animando la vida de esta Familia que hemos formado como hijos y herederos de Santa Rafaela María. 

Nuestra Familia tiene camino recorrido. Tenemos una identidad, un día de conmemoración, una historia común, trabajo compartido, dos Asambleas Internacionales vividas y transmitidas… y muchas cosas más. En este camino, mucho han ayudado las Hermanas Esclavas, la primera Comisión Internacional, y los miembros de la Familia ACI de todas partes… Nuestra gratitud para cada uno.
Miramos hacia adelante: hay deseos, sueños, proyectos de Familia… Nos toca a nosotros, como Comisión, animar a que se lleven a cabo, de acuerdo a lo que el Señor nos va pidiendo. Estamos seguros que contamos, desde ahora, con cada uno de ustedes. 
Estamos tomando contacto virtual entre nosotros, para planificar y llevar a cabo el trabajo de Comisión. Y la última semana de octubre, durante 7 días, nos reuniremos en Roma para concretar nuestras tareas. Nos comunicaremos con ustedes para contarles lo que vayamos avanzando. Les pedimos oren por nosotros y por la Familia ACI, para que seamos siempre fieles a la Voluntad del Señor… y que seamos buenos instrumentos para hacerla realidad. 
Queremos tener “un corazón universal”, disponible para todo, para todos, siempre.
Con cariño grande,

Catarina Giao  Esther Pérez         Inés Abreu         Jepee Buen
Cecilia Portugal H.Dora Vásquez         H.Pilar Guzmán        

Dear ACI Family, dear Sisters:
Tomorrow, Monday, February 24th, will begin the Second International Commission of the ACI Family.
We remember all of you and we count on your prayers and closeness.
Information about the Assembly will be available at the Congregation´s website: www.congregacion-aci.org            
You can also find us in Facebook, at Familia ACI Internacional  (https://www.facebook.com/familiaaci.internacional)
May God and Saint Raphaela Mary accompany us, so this Assembly strengthens us and may be for the glory of God.

Comisión Internacional de la Familia ACI
Querida Familia ACI, queridas Hermanas:
Mañana, lunes 24 de febrero, comienza la II Asamblea Internacional de la Familia ACI. 
Los tenemos a todos muy presentes y contamos con sus oraciones y su cercanía.
Les recordamos que toda la información relacionada con lo que acontezca en esta Asamblea la tendrán disponible en el website de la Congregación: www.congregacion-aci.org        
También nos pueden buscar en el Facebook, como Familia ACI Internacional
Que el Señor y Santa Rafaela María nos acompañen y nos muestren sus caminos, para que esta Asamblea nos fortalezca y sea para gloria de Dios.
Comisión Internacional de la Familia ACI



Dear ACI Family,
Sister Frances has sent us all her good wishes for a truly happy, holy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.She says that we are all in her thoughts and prayers every day, and will be very particularly over this Christmas season. She is sorry not to be able to say it in person to each one of us.
Sister thanks us for the greetings she received, not only for Christmas, but also for her birthday.She has been really touched, and looks forward to our meeting in January.
She says that Sister Irene is much better , and is slowly regaining confidence in every way and is remembering us.
A very happy Christmas to each and every one . 
God bless. Sent with love.

Dear friends 

On behalf of the Commission of the Province Peru –Bolivia we send our heartfelt greetings on the day of the ACI family. 
Please share this with other groups and communities. 
Lets have ST Rafaela as our model at every moment and circumstance. 
Lets celebrate our day feeling united ,called to follow Jesus each time more radically as St Rafaela teaches us 
Lets ask this year of Faith to God the father and to the Holy Spirit to help us to be strong ,brave and constant in; 
Living in communion the happiness ,love and peace of the reparation of our daily life ,family ,work ,profession. 
Reuniting periodically to pray ,share, celebrate, organize 
Keeping contact with every group to encourage each other to have communal projects and national and international assemblies. 
Take part in the Eucharist and invite others to do so WE learn to adore him in the broken brother. 
Organizing days of prayer ,retreats ,spiritual l exercises, 
Helping in financing projects of development Proacis 
Project ACI of solidarity..


On Saturday 2nd March we celebrated the Universal Day of celebration for ACI families. A Prayer card was made to for the day with a prayer for the future of the Handmaids in Boscombe.          Sr Irene and Sr Frances are both getting the rest and attention they need and their presence is sorely missed.

The prayer was a combination of thought from our ACI family.

Loving Father, 
We thank you for the gift of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Corpus Christi Parish. 
Our lives are enriched, by their example of love of Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament and their concern for all.
At this time of change and discernment, we ask that the Holy Spirit enlighten the hearts and minds of all who have to make a decision about the future.
We ask St Raphaela Mary, who exhorted her Sisters 'to trust and to believe boldly in the incomprehensible love which God has for us', 
to join our prayers with hers in the sure hope that she will present them to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. 



1st March 2013        To the Members of the ACI Family   
    Dear all: Today we celebrate the birth of Saint Raphaela Mary, and for me is it a grace to be here in Pedro Abad. Here we “touch” the places where she discovered the presence of a God who is Father, allowing herself to be formed by Him.

    On this day which is so dear to us, I convoke the Second International Assembly of the ACI Family, after having dialogued with the International Commission.

    The Assembly will take place in Madrid from 24th February until 2nd March of 2014, in the Santa Rafaela María Spiritual Center in Martínez Campos, the first house of the Institute, which preserves the indelible memory of our Foundress and of the first years of the Institute.

    We will reflect together upon the path we have travelled in the five years since the previous Assembly. It will be a time for us to look at the ACI Family as it is today and to make plans for the future, sharing experiences, concerns, and dreams. We will follow the guidelines of the “new Evangelization” given to us by the Church in this Year of Faith There will be some conferences as well as work on the Document drawn up in 2009. We will visit the places in Madrid associated with Saint Raphaela Mary, and we will end with the pilgrimage to Pedro Abad and Córdoba. The International Commission is working intensively and efficiently in the preparation and organization. We owe so much to this commission! I will send you their letter and the preliminary work with the due dates so that you can send it by mail to c.internacionalfaci@hotmail.com. Your collaboration is very necessary at this stage.
    The theme “The ACI Family, gift of the Spirit… Family for the world” will guide us during the preparation and the celebration of the Assembly. 

    In regard to the participants, there will be one representative from each country where there are groups. In those countries where the ACI Family is numerous, the number of participants will be increased accordingly. In addition to the International Commission and the members of the General Government, some Handmaids of the Sacred Heart will also take part. There will be approximately forty five participants. 

    The ACI Family in each country will choose its own representative from among the members who actively participate in the life and mission of the ACI Family and who are available and able to collaborate in the work of the Assembly. Once elected, the representative’s name and information will be sent to the International Commission before the 30th of June of 2013. The corresponding Major Superior will be informed.
    Saint Raphaela Mary will be delighted to see the progress which the ACI Family has made. 
            An affectionate embrace 
                        Inmaculada Fukasawa aci

SR SOFIA RIP  Sr Frances and all the community of the Handmaids have to announce that Sr Sofia died  yesterday,  Friday 1st February, peacefully at 4.20am.  Sr Frances was able to visit the care home and spend some time there in prayer.

Sr Maria the Provincial and Sr Sarah Anne travelled immediately from London  and so are a comforting presence for Sr Frances and Sr Irene. 

The funeral is planned for this coming Wednesday (6th Feb) at Corpus Christi Church at 12 noon.  Our presence and support as an ACI Family will mean so much to them at this time.  The Requiem Mass will be followed by lunch in the parish centre. A team of ladies in the parish have kindly agreed to take care of the catering arrangements so it would be simply a time of gathering for the Requiem Mass, and for prayer and remembrance for us.

Sr Sofia was someone totally filled with the love and peace of God so we truly thank and praise the Lord for her and the life she chose to lead when she said her 'yes' as a young girl so many years ago. 

Below is one of the pictures that she had on her wall in her room at the care home.


"I am the handmaid of the Lordlet it be done unto me according to your word"

ANNIE BOULTER RIP who passed away  8th Nov 2012. May she rest in peace. Her funeral will be at Corpus Christi, Boscombe on Wed 21st Nov at 12 noon. The celebrant will be Fr Vitalis Kondo MSP, her Parish Priest, from ST Thomas More, Iford.  

What had touched her  at the very core of her being was Raphaela's Mary's call to' PRAY WITHOUT CEASING'.  She underlined  it in her book , and in her heart , and it was the  constant message she wanted to share with us. We  cannot think of Annie without thinking of her repetition of St. Raphaela Mary's  ' Pray without ceasing,'  

So -Thank you Annie - we won't forget.

 Let's  continue to remember Annie and her family in our prayers ,and entrust them also to the intercession of St. Raphaela Mary. 


Sister Irene 93rd Birthday – 20th October 2012.

Sister Sofia's 100th Birthday - 18th September 2012.

15th June 2012  

Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


To the ACI Family

Dear Members of the ACI Family:  Today, the Feast of the Sacred Heart, I want to share with you some information about the life and mission of the Handmaids.

First of all, I want to thank you for your greetings on the feasts of the Church and of the Institute. Thank you also for your interest and prayers for the recent General Congregation. We remembered you during those days, especially on 2nd March, the Day of the ACI Family. The participants in this Assembly sent you a message, which I hope you have received.

In this General Congregation we held the election of the Assistants General. Sisters Rosa María Basterrechea and Margarita Gómez-Sánchez have completed their mission, and Sisters Concesa Martín and Inés Ruiz will be replacing them. Concesa has carried out this mission in the past and is currently in Japan working in the International School. Inés, who is from the Province of Andalucía, is now in Madrid as Mistress of Juniors. Both will reside in Rome beginning in September.

In the General Congregation we reflected on the question of what quality of religious life the Lord wishes for us, in the light of the theme: “The Lord is changing the Institute. Let us rise to the challenge and allow ourselves to be transformed by Him!” After praying and working intensively, we chose four “commitments”: charism, consecration, communion and youth. We believe that the Lord wants us to live them in a special way in today’s world and, as Handmaids, in our current reality.  We want to put them into practice, allowing ourselves to be transformed by Him, walking humbly and collaborating with all those who work to build the Kingdom of God.

This Congregation has also issued some Decrees and Recommendations. I believe that with them we have taken new and dynamic steps, especially in regard to the theme of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation as well as in the process of planning. The desire to carry out our mission with a strong sense of Body in the Institute has also been a characteristic of this Assembly.

There is a Recommendation to the Superior General which refers to the ACI Family, asking that we count on the input of the laity, especially of the ACI Family, in the Provincial and General Congregations. Although this input will not involve participation in the sessions, the recommendation shows how much interest there is in the Institute for you to have more participation in its life, and for your opinions to be reflected in it. I like this petition very much. As the time for the next General Congregation draws near, I will let you know what form your participation will take.

As you know, in October of last year the General Curia was relocated and is now on the northern outskirts of Rome.  After several months of difficulties inherent in settling into a new home, such as problems with water, electricity, the telephone, etc., now we are happily living and working here. We are especially grateful to the Lord for the good neighbors who have truly welcomed us. Although this house is rather far from the center of Rome, we have Mass every day thanks to the collaboration of some Polish monks who live in the vicinity. We have also begun to collaborate in some activities in the parish.

During these past several months I have travelled infrequently because of the relocation of the curia and the General Congregation. However, I was able to participate in the annual meeting of the ACI Family of Italy and in the Eucharist which the members in Japan held in May to celebrate the feast of Saint Raphaela Mary. In those two places I experienced the dynamism of the ACI Family. This year I will visit the province of Perú-Bolivia in August and will go to the Province of Aragón in October. I am looking forward to meeting you.

The solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a very special feast for us. Saint Raphaela Mary was called Mary of the Sacred Heart, and she wanted to the Institute to be named after the Heart of Jesus. She always used to say that it is He who is its Master. She loved Him and put all her trust in Him; she made her own His concern for the salvation of humanity.

Today I pray to the Lord for the members of the ACI Family and for the Handmaids, so that through the intercession of Saint Raphaela Mary we may contemplate, as she did, the Mercy of the Heart of Jesus and dedicate ourselves to His interests.


Inmaculada Fukasawa aci